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Annual athletic sports held on 13,14 and 16 September 2019.
Celebration of "Hindi Diwas" on 14-09-2019 at 11:30 AM in room no. A-8. Topic: "Kamayani" written by Jaishankar Prasad Lecture by Dr. Yogendra Upadhyay, Department of Hindi, Sri Gadadhar Acharya Janta College, Rambagh, Bihta (Patna)
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E. Content Indian philosophy

Welcome to Sri Gadadhar Acharya Janta College, Rambagh Bihta

"Education is not the amount of information that is put into your brain and runs rot there undigested all your life"
                                                                                                                                                                                             "SWAMI VIVEKANAND"
It is not easier to speak literal explanation of this wise saying of the aforesaid mystical saint. But in the light of his perceptive intellect it may be construed that nothing is possible without acquiring sufficiency and efficiency in the field of knowledge.It has been observed particularly since the remote antiquity that the name and fame earned by accumulating huge wealth or the post and position however high held by applying all sorts of tactics, trickery, maneuvering and manipulations do not provide such brightness , glory and gloss to any individual family or society as only education does. Read More ?

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Dear Students,

You are most welcome in our College. I appreciate your decision to come in our contact for acquiring knowledge which will provide you good opportunity in securing a good job. Today, Education has unfolded innumerable job opportunities which inspired us to make available different job oriented courses, we provide you entire knowledge which will make you perfect. Our faculty members provide such an education which develop self confidence enabling you to face any interview in the field.
Prof. Dr. Bikash Krishna Singh
Principal In-Charge, (Sri Gadadhar Acharya Janta College)

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