Online poker has become one of the most played online games. It is true that some players play without real money, but the vast majority take advantage of the experience to win money and thus earn extra money.

But not all players are satisfied with earning extra money, but some want to go a little further and want to make a living playing online poker. And this is where we are going to focus the article. We are going to make a study to realize how much money you can really earn playing poker online at a professional level.

Is it easy to make a living playing online poker?

The answer is no, there are many other players who are looking for the same as us and for that reason it is complicated to make a living through online poker. It is true that earning some extra income can be easier, but making a living is much more complicated.

You have to take into account that the poker player is going to have to face professional and high level players who have the same goal, to make a living. This makes the level of competition very high and consequently only the best can make a living.

Think that one month you can do well, but you have to save to face possible future bad spells. That makes earning a living complicated.

What are the best options to play poker online?

Analyzing website about the best poker rooms we realize that there are very interesting rooms when it comes to play poker in a safe and professional way. Thanks to this variety every player can easily find the option that best suits their needs.

For example, we have been able to see how Casino de Barcelona is one of the best options we can choose. This company has a website that has a very interesting design and also has a Vip system to take into account. If we add to that that the web has a very high level of traffic, it is really a very good option to take into account.

But nowadays there are other options to choose from. Among the best known we can highlight poker rooms like PartyPoker, Sportium, Bwin or PokerStars. Any of the options shown in this article will allow you to enjoy very good experiences. With them you will not only be able to earn money occasionally, you can also earn significant amounts. But to make a living through these poker rooms it is necessary that you have a good level of high game.

How much can you win playing online poker?

Winnings can vary greatly depending on the player and the tournaments in which the player participates. As you can imagine, the earnings are not going to be the same for a professional player who bets on strong games and prestigious tournaments than for a beginner player who is just starting to take his first steps.

To give you an idea, to make a living you will have to dedicate yourself to the world of poker as a profession. That is, if you dedicate yourself to the world of poker for about 8 hours a day or so, then you will be able to make a living. That is, as long as you are a good strategist. In that case you will be able to get profits ranging from 1000 to 150,000 euros.

The earnings will always be linked to the time you dedicate to the game and above all to the skills you have. For this reason, we want to make clear that the winnings can always vary. One month the winnings can be good, but others not. The streaks are more common than we think in the poker world. We must take them into account if we want to live on the money earned through online poker.

What are the best strategies to play poker?

In order to reach the top it is important to take into account a series of strategies. Without them you will not be able to evolve your game to have the necessary level to earn a living.

  • Training: training is essential to evolve the game of a poker player. In the article published by Deporte10 you can see how a professional poker player trains. If you take into account the information provided in this article, it will be easier for you to train like a true professional. What is clear is that training and effort is fundamental to achieve success.
  • Create strategies: Strategies are another of the necessary keys to change the course of the game and consequently have more chances of winning the game. Studying different strategies will help you to have more options to win a game.
  • Time: without a doubt, a player who wants to make a living playing poker needs to invest in time. You must get it out of your head that you are going to make a living playing a couple of games on weekends because that is not going to happen. If you really want to make a living, you will have to dedicate yourself to this as if it were a job. And to achieve that dedication you will need to invest time. That time should be used for training, coaching and playing.
  • Budget control: to be successful it is essential that you control your budget correctly. You will have to organize your earnings well in order to be able to meet expenses and possible bad times. A good organization is essential to be able to move forward.
  • Control feelings: making decisions is not always easy, especially if we know that they will affect our future. Learning to control your feelings and keep a cool head is essential to have a better chance of winning the game you are playing. A bad decision can lead to heavy losses.

Keeping in mind the tips mentioned above is necessary when it comes to becoming a professional player. I invite you to put them into practice and see if you have options to make a living playing online poker or not. Remember, not everyone can do it.