As a house playground that has appeared for a long time in the betting market,Casino 789BET is still receiving great trust from passionate players in this field. Despite facing a series of new faces in the betting world, the bookie still retains its inherent reputation. Our article today will help you learn more about the casino playground at 789bet

Verify the credibility of Casino 789BET

Currently, there are many online bookmakers that allow you to place bets. However, because of the online units, it requires you to choose carefully so as not to be scammed. You can rest assured if you play at Casino 789BET.

Reputable 789BET Casino Site

Casino at 789BET is Asia’s top rated online casino and games. The house 789BET was established in 2007 by M.A.N Entertainment Group and licensed by PAGCOR Philippines under the strict management of this organization. The Group is currently headquartered in Manila, located at the RCBC Plaza building.

To be licensed by this organization, you must pass an extremely rigorous screening process and must meet the general provisions of international betting law. Therefore, every member participating in Casino 789BET All rights and interests are fully protected without fear of being scammed.

The house 789BET has a development history of more than 15 years. That also helps the house 789BET prove to be a strong brand, attracting a large number of bettors in Vietnam and Asia. As the largest bookie in the Philippines,789BET It is home to the most prestigious casinos in Asia. All betting activities are certified by the government as fair and legal so there is no problem of fraud.

Casino 789 – The leading prestigious bookie in Asia

The Mission of Casino 789BET

With the motto of putting users first, Casino 789BET brought you the perfect experience. In addition to attractive casino and game services, what makes the number of customers participating in betting increases every day is the prestige and transparency in the operation process.

Especially for the incentive programs and apply the winnings bonus form. Playground always give information about winning and losing judgment and how to receive rewards and corresponding penalties in each case.

Brand Ambassadors with a Global Reputation

The fact that Luis Suarez becomes the “exclusive” brand ambassador of Casino 789BET This is a huge hit with this bookie. The popularity of the world’s top striker Luis Suarez will help this playground gain more popularity and gain the attention of fans in the highly competitive market.

The appearance of Suarez further enhances the quality of the house as well as the Casino at 789BET. This has been This brand ambassador confirmed.

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Top 3 Casino games 789BET can’t miss

Similar to real-life casinos, Casino 789BET offers participants quite a lot of interesting games including Sicbo, Fantan, baccarat, blackjack, roulette, poker,… In case you are new to 789BET, here are the 3 most popular casino games. on 789BET that you definitely cannot ignore.


Baccarat is an online card game that is storming at Casino 789BET, using a deck of 52 playing cards including 2 Wild cards and Joker. The value of each card is calculated according to the number indicated on the corresponding card, the A card counts as 1, the number 10 card and the picture card all count as 0.

Baccarat rules are similar to Vietnamese scratch cards, so it is suitable for most players. Baccarat is the simplest, easiest to understand, easy to win game. Therefore, whether a newcomer or a longtime player at casino 789, they do not want to ignore Baccarat.

The irresistible appeal of Baccarat

Sic bo

Sicbo is also known as rolling dice. The rules of Sicbo are that the player will predict the score of the previous 3 dice. Types of Sic Bo bets at Casino 789BET as follows:

  • Over and under bet: Big when the total of 3 dice is from 11 to 17 buttons, and under is when the total is from 4 to 10. If three 1s or 3 6s are drawn, the player will lose. The odds of winning and winning bets of over and under are 1 to 1.
  • Doubles: The player bets on whether the dice will roll. The odds are 1 to 10 for double bets.
  • Bet 3. The rule is that the player will bet all 3 sides of the dice will produce the same number. If you win, the odds are 1 to 180.
  • Bet on the total score of 3 dice with any number, the reward rate will depend on the number of points.

Of all the games above Casino 789BET Today, Sicbo gives players a higher win rate than ever before. Sicbo has a variety of different bet levels, players can collect a “huge” amount of money if they win.


If looking for a floor gameCcasino at 789BET Easy to experience, high winning rate, Roulette is definitely a game not to be missed.

Players only need to bet on any square on the number wheel (spin). Next, the Dealer will throw the ball in the opposite direction of the rotation of the running wheel. If the ball lands on any square, the person who bet or related to that box wins.

       Roulette at Casino 789BET

Here is some information related to Casino 789BET that we want to offer you. If you are passionate about games of chance and lots of emotions. Don’t hesitate to try your hand at these online casino games Please!