Moving is never easy and is even more difficult when you don’t have a vehicle to move all your belongings. However, there’s no need to worry if you’re on a budget as there are plenty of ways to get cheap truck hire in London. Here’s how:

Why do you need to hire a truck?

  • You need to move some furniture or other large items.
  • You need to move a lot of stuff.
  • You need to move something heavy, like an old piano or an antique dresser that’s been passed down through generations of your family (and perhaps weighs as much as a small car).
  • Your house is too small for the couch you purchased on impulse at Ikea last week and now have no room for anything else in the living room because it has taken over every inch of space there is!

Or maybe it’s just broken and needs fixing before you can use it again…

How to find the best deals on truck hire

Finding the best deals on truck hire is easy.

First, look for special offers. Some companies offer discounts if you book online or over the phone, so be sure to check their websites first. You can also find deals by booking in advance–some companies offer lower rates when you book more than a month ahead of time (and they’ll even throw in free miles!) or some like

Second, consider timing your move around holidays and weekends as well as weekdays: many moving companies offer reduced rates on weekends and holidays because they know that people will be more likely to use their services at those times of year. For example, if your move falls between Christmas and New Year’s Day or during spring break season at school, then now might be an excellent time for cheap truck rental!

Get your paperwork sorted First

If you’re planning to drive a truck, there are a few things that you should do before getting behind the wheel.

  • Get your paperwork sorted: Get yourself a driver’s license if you don’t already have one and check whether it is valid in Australia. You can apply for one at any RACQ office or QGAP office (Queensland Government Automobile Insurance). It costs $40 AUD ($30 USD) and they take around 30 minutes to process. If you’re over 25 years old then it will also cost $2 AUD ($1.50 USD) per year for compulsory third party insurance; otherwise, this will be included with your hire agreement.
  • Make sure everything is covered: Make sure that all of the vehicles on offer are covered by comprehensive insurance policies which include third party property damage liability cover of up-to-date vehicle registration documentation including Certificate of Title/Transfer; Proof Of Identity; Proof Of Residency (if applicable); Drivers Licence Details And Photo Identification Documentation Requirements For International Drivers Licences Or Passports Issued By Foreign Governments Issued In English Language Format.
  • Compare the quotes and pick the best deal

Compare the quotes and pick the best deal.

Before you start comparing truck rental quotes, it’s important to know that there are several factors that can affect pricing:

  • The size of your truck will determine how much it costs. A smaller truck will cost less than a larger one because they have fewer amenities and require less fuel mileage. If you need more space or want more features, then go for something bigger! For example, if you have lots of luggage to move around then consider getting an 8-foot van instead of just standard 6-foot cube trucks with no frills attached (such as air conditioning). You’ll pay more upfront but save money over time since these vehicles are designed specifically for moving people around town–not just cargo loads from point A to point B like standard cargo vans do all day long every day throughout metropolitan areas across America.”

Know your options – Budget or Luxury?

If you’re moving for the first time, or are just looking to make some extra cash, then budget truck hire is ideal. It’s a great option if you want to move quickly and efficiently without spending too much money on your hire car. Budget trucks can be hired for as little as $19 per day and come with features like GPS navigation systems, reverse cameras and air conditioning.

If however, your relocation is expected to take longer than a few weeks (or even months) then luxury truck hire may be more suitable for your needs. Luxury trucks offer all of the same benefits as their cheaper counterparts but also come equipped with additional features such as upgraded sound systems or satellite TVs in every cabin; these additions alone can make all of difference between an uncomfortable journey versus one where everyone relaxes throughout their trip!

Where to find cheap truck hire companies?

When you’re looking to hire a truck, there are several places you can go. One of the most obvious is your local rental company. They may have deals on trucks or offer special promotions that make their prices more competitive than larger national companies. Another place to check is online comparison sites like or These sites will give you an idea of what the going rate is for different types of trucks across the country and allow you to find the best deal possible depending on where in Australia your move takes place.

If none of these options seem suitable, then it might be worth considering hiring locally instead–and asking family members if they know anyone who owns one! It’s also important not only ask friends but also check out reviews before deciding who gets hired out as well; many people don’t consider this part important enough when choosing between companies but doing so could save them thousands over time because bad experiences tend not only discourage potential customers from using particular businesses again but also tarnish their reputation permanently

Make moving around your city easy and affordable using cheap truck hire.

Moving around your city can be expensive and time-consuming, but with cheap truck hire, you can make moving easy and affordable.

Cheap Truck Hire is a service that allows customers to rent trucks at low rates. The company offers three different types of trucks: small vans, medium vans and large trucks. Customers will have the option to choose between diesel or electric vehicles depending on their preference, as well as whether they need air conditioning in their vehicles or not (if so, this will come at an additional cost).


Moving around your city can be a hassle but with cheap truck hire you can make the process much easier. You can either hire a budget or luxury truck depending on what suits your needs best and save money at the same time!