A settlement is the conclusion of a workers’ compensation claim or multiple claims arising from an injury involving a one-time monetary payment. You might qualify for workers’ compensation benefits if you have been injured while working.

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Below are some key points to grasp about the workers’ compensation laws, benefits, and claims system in Richmond:

  • You must inform your employer of any illness or injury

Injured workers in Richmond must promptly report workplace accidents to their employer, either to a supervisor, HR or in writing. Delaying this notification for over 30 days may impact workers’ compensation eligibility.

  • You must seek prompt medical treatment.

After a work-related injury in Richmond, seek immediate medical attention from a qualified physician and continue with necessary follow-up care to protect your workers’ compensation benefits eligibility.

  • File for workers’ compensation benefits.

To secure workers’ compensation benefits in Richmond, ensure you file the necessary claims forms promptly through your employer. Seek assistance from an experienced attorney if needed, as there is a two-year statute of limitations.

  • Workers’ compensation covers injured workers.

In Richmond, workers’ compensation is no-fault insurance, meaning you can seek benefits regardless of your employer’s responsibility for the accident. Proving employer’s negligence is not a requirement, it covers medical expenses for work-related injuries.

  • A variety of medical and time-loss benefits are available.

Richmond employees can access no-fault workers’ compensation benefits, including medical treatment and time loss compensation for work-related injuries. Serious injuries may lead to additional benefits with legal assistance.

  • It Is possible to bring a third-party liability claim against non-employers.

In Richmond, Virginia, workers’ compensation is typically the sole recourse for injured employees against their employer. However, they can file third-party liability claims against parties other than their employer for additional compensation.

  • It is possible to appeal a workers’ compensation denial.

Workers’ compensation offers crucial financial support to injured Richmond workers, but some may face challenges in securing full benefits. Don’t lose hope. You can appeal with the assistance of experienced lawyers.

How can a lawyer help with a settlement?

Consulting a local attorney for workers’ compensation in Richmond is crucial due to the complex nature of the program. An attorney helps navigate benefits comprehensively, ensuring injured workers receive their entitled benefits.