Have you ever heard someone say, “I don’t know what this is, but I bought it because the package looks so cute?”. Well, the way you choose to represent your brand to your audience is very important, and the very first thing customers see is the packaging. The packaging design should be such that it speaks for your brand. It should be something that is easily recognizable, not too complicated and represents what you want your brand to represent. If you haven’t decided yet what your packaging design is going to be, here are some techniques that will help you create a killer packaging design.  

Understand Your Audience

The British-American author Simon Sinek, in his book “Start with Why,” said, “Very few people or companies can clearly articulate why they do what they do. By “why,” I mean your purpose, cause, or belief—why does your company exist? Why do you get out of bed every morning? And why should anyone care? 

The first thing is to understand the purpose of the brand—is it to inspire people? Is it to help people? Is it something that your audience needs? Is it something that isn’t out there? Is it something that will do good for the world? Once you realize this, it will be easier for you to set a direction for your packaging design. We want it to be something that matches what your brand represents.  

Custom Packaging with Logos 

Minimalism is at the heart of modern packaging design. The fewer things you put in your package, the cleaner it looks. One of the most important things about a package’s design is the logo. It’s the logo that invites customers to interact with your brand. Take, for example, Coke. Nobody wants to drink it if they can’t see the logo. Even the Santa commercial that they did doesn’t make sense without the Coca-Cola logo on the big truck. We have seen plenty of Santa Claus commercials, and they all make us feel good and everything, but nothing compares to when Coke appears. A study even discovered that drinking Coke from a cup with the brand logo provided more pleasure. It’s all about the logo. When designing your brand, work with a packaging company that will also help you 

Don’t Be Afraid to Be Different 

Some brands don’t put too much energy into the packaging, especially the ones that are recognizable to people. For some businesses, the type of product is more important than its appearance. But don’t be afraid to go crazy and take risks with that package design. Choosing a unique custom design and packaging will definitely set a brand apart from other brands. It can either be the material of the layers going eco-friendly, the type of logo you choose, or the story you tell. We have seen the importance of packaging designs, particularly in the beauty and skin care industries, which may be one of the most unique industries in terms of packaging design. Or, for example, the glass dropper bottle in the beauty industry or cannabis industry, where the custom organic packaging should be child-resistant and free of toxins. The packaging should be just as good on the inside. 

Tell a Story and Get Personal

By giving your brand a story, you will make the audience feel more connected to you. The Canadian Yale psychologist Paul Bloom said that it is not really about how you make a product physically better at what it does; what you want to do instead is tell people things about the product that make it more pleasurable. You can do that by finding a way to connect with the client personally through the packaging. You can either tell the story on the back of the package or by putting a small card inside the box, which will give people the idea of winning a gift. This will definitely make your brand stand out. 


Choosing the perfect package design is essential when building a brand. It is the first thing customers see, and it is the first thing that they will judge. The packaging should represent what the brand represents.