If you live in a sue-happy country (like Germany or the US), you need reliable asset protection. In fact, anyone needs a stronghold for the assets that will keep them intact in case of trouble, and Nevis is a jurisdiction that seems to be ideally suited for this purpose. You can create a trust that no one will be able to arrest in 99.99% of cases and combine it with an LLC that will provide considerable tax relief and allow you to operate your business internationally.

Our specialists at the International Wealth portal are in love with Nevis! You can read more information on creating an offshore trust and an LLC there and follow multiple links to explore our knowledge base on business and asset protection in Nevis and other countries. The legal framework, tax rates, and compliance with all the regulators’ requirements – all these factors make Nevis the best available asset protection solution that any asset protection lawyer will recommend to you in the first place.

If you are not sure how to make the first steps, click on the above link to contact a specialist. We will save you hours of reading and answer any questions you may have. You can buy a turnkey package, and we will set up a trust in Nevis, an LLC, or both of them at a reasonable fee without much hassle on your part. All you will need to do is to collect the documents and fill out the forms using our recommendations.

Asset Protection

Why should you look for faraway jurisdictions if you can set up a trust back home? That is a logical question: you will not have to study the laws of the new country or transfer your money across the border. However, you will not have the confidentiality provided by Nevis: you will still remain the legal owner of the assets kept in the trust for the local authorities, which means that your money or real property will be seized if a creditor wins a lawsuit.

If you set up a trust in Nevis, no one will know that you are the trust owner. And even if some suspicions arise and a creditor has a court decision to arrest your assets, he will not be able to do anything: the decisions of foreign courts are not recognized in Nevis, and he will have to win the case one more time locally (which is hard as the state is on the trustor’s side) and prove that the assets kept in the trust are actually yours, which is impossible.

As a result, you may be absolutely confident that the money you keep in a Nevis trust will remain with you for good.

Nevis Privacy is a Brand

We will tell you a story that illustrates how Nevis goes about the confidentiality of its customers.

It happened back in 2017 when a hacker was very curious to know the owners of 70,000 companies registered in Nevis. He managed to get similar business information with regard to several other countries that claimed high privacy, but Nevis remained inaccessible no matter how hard he tried. As a result, he just gave up…

No sensitive information has ever been leaked in connection with Nevis even when mass leaks occurred. All you have to do is to join this stronghold and take advantage of its features to keep your identity and assets secret.

Nevis Trusts

Can you trust the trusts?

No, you cannot – until you know the mechanics. Let’s see how these structures work – and if you know the basics, you will transfer your money to a Nevis trust with confidence.

If you set up a trust, you are called the settlor.

You appoint a trustee (usually a legal entity that serves as a professional trustee) to manage your assets.

You make up a document called the trust deed that instructs the trustee how to manage your assets.

Then you transfer the assets to the newly-formed trust, and they will be officially owned by the trustee for the external authorities!

You may appoint one or several beneficiaries (including yourself) in the trust deed and set out how much they get and how regularly they do so.

You can engage one more optional trust participant called a trust protector. He will supervise the trustee’s activities and have the powers assigned in the trust deed. This is a good option for those who feel uneasy transferring their assets to the trustee and want more control.

As you see, the structure works quite well and ensures absolute confidentiality, which is actively used by many wealthy people who need a haven that can give ultimate protection.

You can visit the above link to contact our experts and ask them a question about trusts or request professional help in setting up one.

Nevis LLCs

Let’s jump right in and look at the benefits offered by an LLC registered in Nevis:

  • This is one of the best solutions if you need to get a company quickly: company formation in Nevis takes just one week.
  • You will have access to a well-developed financial sector that gives you a lot of freedom in dealing with funds, including cryptocurrencies.
  • If business taxes in your country are high, you will feel relieved in Nevis where you will pay no capital gains or withholding taxes, and the corporate income tax is not very high.
  • And if a creditor decides to file a lawsuit against your LLC in Nevis, he will have to face the same obstacles as in the case with a Nevis trust: in most instances, he will go away empty-handed.


If you have a trust, an LLC, and a bank account in Nevis, you will be reliably protected against any lawsuits or political/economic turbulence back home. Contact our experts using the above link to select the right type of trust and the bank that suits your needs and set up a trustworthy structure that will withstand any shocks.

And if you want to have absolutely all arrangements for your Plan B, you can also acquire the economic citizenship of Nevis for the whole family and quickly pack your bags to take shelter on a beautiful island if some adverse events happen. Explore our portal for more information or book a session with our experts to find out more about this opportunity. Don’t miss an affordable way to have more safety in your life!