Many of you may be eager to join yoga classes, but there are questions in your mind that might be stopping you. Some of you think, it is hard and all about postures. Moreover, a large section of society thinks that you need a lot of flexibility, to practice yoga. The yoga school in Kerala can provide you with a lot of clarity on this. After you read this article, you will be able to make your decision fast and get on that yoga mat. 

Myths About Yoga Solved By The Yoga School In Kerala

  • The first misconception that people have, is that yoga is hard. But, you will be actually surprised to know, that it is easy. Moreover, you can start a yoga practice at any age. You do not need a lot of flexibility initially, as you can develop it on the go. You will develop strength while practicing yoga. You just need to get over your apprehensions. You should join a good center like World Peace Yoga School, to start from zero. The school has the right teachers, who will guide you and help you to make yoga a part of your life. 
  • Yoga is expensive, is what many yoga enthusiasts think. However, it is not at all so, if you know the right place. India is one of the most affordable South East-Asian countries, where you can learn yoga. Furthermore, you get lots of options, like courses with different durations, online classes, as well as offline ones. You can choose a course, that suits your requirements and budget. The yoga school in Kerala offers a range of styles and courses that are priced reasonably. You can join the courses and learn yoga. Alongside, you can also travel in the region, which is known for its exotic locations. So, that paves the way for tourism as well. 
  • Anybody can teach yoga. This is what most people believe and end up joining centers that do not have any registration. Yoga is not governed by any strict government regulations. So, many schools start teaching yoga, without guidelines and end up giving a bad name to yoga. The wrong guidance may lead to injuries, which take a lot of time to recover. You should always look for yoga teachers, with at least 200 hours of certification. Moreover, the school must be a Registered Yoga School. World Peace Yoga School is a registered one, with a lineage worth mentioning. The school teaches authentic yoga. 
  • Many of you also think, that you cannot take support during yoga class. However, that is a completely wrong notion. Yoga Gurus encourages students to use a range of props during the preliminary days of practice. The props that are used commonly in the yoga class are bolsters, straps, cushions, blankets, wheels, and blocks. The teachers at the best schools will help you to use the props, so that you can deepen your postures. Many yoga schools look down on the props, however, that is a wrong notion. 
  • Many yoga teachers propagate the idea, that some yoga postures are better than the others. However, the truth is very different. All yoga postures are created equal. It depends on the yoga practitioner, when he or she is able to take up a certain posture. Yoga is a personal journey, which is different from one person to the other. 
  • You may also think that obese people cannot do yoga. However, that is another misconception that has affected yoga and yoga enthusiasts. Many of you may think, that thin people can only do it. Yoga really does not care about your fat ratio. You can do it anyhow. Just ensure to learn it under the guidance of the right school and teachers. 
  • Many people have the idea that yoga is for the spiritually oriented. However, it is not so. There are various forms of yoga, like Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, and Kundalini Yoga, to name a few. The first one happens to cover all other forms, and is generic. However, it also has a separate identity of its own, and is physically oriented. On the contrary, Kundalini Yoga is more spiritually oriented. Yoga does not force anyone to follow the spiritual path. You can consider it as a fitness regime. However, it does open the doors to explore spirituality. It also paves the way for Samadhi. 
  • Some of you may feel that yoga is boring and slow. However, that is only one side to it. It is slow, for people who have to build strength and stamina. As you progress through the practice, you will become swift. Moreover, you can also start practicing the dynamic forms. No matter, which form you choose, you have to work on the foundation first. And the foundation is slowly built. 

Final Words 

If you want to explore the multiple facets of yoga, you should go to a good yoga school in Kerala. The ambience of the place also plays a huge role in yogic development. The school is located in a place that is free from pollution and noise. So, you are free from distractions. Start your yoga journey, now that you have some clarity about yoga, and have got all your misconceptions cleared.