For the unversed, yoga alignments refer to the arrangement of different parts of the body in asanas. This includes creating straight lines across body parts and the stacking of bony parts. It is not just about perfect angles, or how deep a pose or asana is. You do not need to be perfect like a gymnast. As the best yoga schools state, you have to be happy in your body, while attempting any posture. There are certain guidelines, which you have to maintain in this process. So, if all this interests you and you want to explore further, you might as well join the yoga teacher training in India

It does not matter, what your level of flexibility or range of motion is, the correct guidance and knowledge can help you to extract the maximum from poses. Your body weight or structure is also not a concerning attribute. However, if you do the poses or asanas in the wrong manner, you can definitely hurt yourself. The best teachers at schools like Samadhi Yoga Ashram will tell you that, it is what works for your body type. 

Two Aspects – Yoga Teacher Training In India

If you enroll yourself in yoga teacher training in India, you can get complete knowledge of alignments. There are two aspects revolving around alignments. They are:

  • Functional – It revolves around the biomechanics of the muscles. Moreover, the stress is more on their optimum functionality. You will be use this aspect to organize the parts of the body in suitable positions while doing asanas. Safety is a huge cause for concern here, as well. You can understand this aspect better with an example. Your head, neck, and spine must be in one straight line, while you are doing a certain asana. This is important for your future health. Any exertion will lead to injuries and issues with mobility in the near future. If you can do these asanas or postures, your energy will also increase.

In the same manner, there is another part of this. You may be trying a yogic posture, where your hands have to be straight up, in contact with the ears. However, you may not be able to hold the arms like that for 15-20 seconds, as per the demands. In any case, you could keep the arms stretched above your shoulders at an angle of less than 90 degrees. In your case, one cannot say that it is a wrong alignment. It is perfect for you. Your pose may not look perfect from a distance, but your alignment is good. 

  • Aesthetics – This is another important alignment aspect in the realm of yoga. You should be looking attractive in the posture. This is what the aspect demands. You should be able to create a work of art, with the asana. You can understand it better, if you think about Virabhadra asana. The knees have to be at an angle of 90 degrees in this case. If it is not, you will still get the benefits of the pose. But, if you can achieve this angle, you will look good to onlookers. You should never push yourself too hard, to achieve this aesthetic state. It can lead to unnecessary stress on delicate anatomical structures. 

So, you ought to take these two alignment aspects into account, but use them according to your body type, weaknesses, and strengths. The yoga teacher training in India will cover alignments, so that you can not only perfect your stance, but also that of your students. Many of you might be looking for a teaching job, after completion of the course. So, in that case, you must learn about alignments thoroughly. 

Benefits Of Alignments In Yoga 

Today, you will get to know about the ultimate benefits of correct alignments. 

  • It helps in improving your posture. So, there will be no unnecessary stress or strain on your body parts. The spine is most affected, when you do not have this knowledge. After you study about alignments, you will be able to get the complete benefits. 
  • It also ensures that you are not causing any harm to your muscles, tendons or bones. Functional alignments will help you to practice according to your body limits, use props, and also take rest, when needed. 
  • It can also help you to bring your body and mind in sync with one another. This circuit will help you to absorb all the positive energies that yoga offers. 
  • If you have the proper knowledge of alignments, you will be able to maximize the benefits of the asanas. 
  • It will also help you to build a better foundation. 
  • You will also learn the way to mindfulness if you are fully aligned. 

The yoga teacher training in India will help you to learn about the above in details. Moreover, the teachers will guide you, practically to achieve the right posture. You can practice at the yoga school and get your mistakes rectified, then and there. The yoga teacher training course will affect you in a positive way in your personal life and also in your work.