Amazon Quiz Answers Today 04.01.2023 Live Result

Amazon Quiz Answers Today on 04.01.2023 Live Result: Amazon Quiz, Amazon Quiz Answers, Amazon Quiz Today, Amazon Quiz Answers Today available on 04.01.2023 from 12:00 AM to 11:59 PM on the official website of Amazon i. e. You check the result through the amazon app or you can check it out on this post.

Amazon Quiz Answers Today

Amazon is the No. 1 E-commerce website in the world and it is an American company. Amazon Quiz is provided by Amazon only for India. This quiz is more interesting day by day because every day people play this game and win amazing prizes. Through this post, you get all results of the amazon quiz today. So, stay with us and read this article completely.

Quiz Name Amazon Quiz
Country India
Quiz Date 4th January 2023
Quiz Time 12:00 AM to 11:59 PM
Total Prizes 40 Prizes
Winner Announcement 4th January 2023
Article Category Result


Amazon Quiz Answers Today

Amazon Quiz All Answers

4th January 2023

1. How many hours are there in a day?

Ans: (D) 24 hours

2. In which continent is India located?

Ans: Asia

3. What part of the plant is in charge of photosynthesis for making food?

Ans: (B) Leaves

4. Which country does this flag belong to?

Ans: (B) South Korea

5. This is the side view of a fort in which city, also featured in a famous Satyajit Ray movie?

Ans: (D) Jaisalmer

3rd January 2023

1. Which is the tallest mountain in the world?

Ans: (A) Mount Everest

2. Which of the following is NOT a form of carbon?

Ans: (D) Ferrite

3. What energy emerges from motion?

Ans: (C) Kinetic energy

4. The First woman of Indian origin to go to space

Ans: (C) Kalpana Chawla

5. Who is she an Indian political activist, feminist, and poet?

Ans: (C) Sarojini Naidu

2nd January 2023

1. Diabetes happens because of problems in which organ of the body?

Ans: (C) Pancreas

2. Which is the world’s smallest country?

Ans: (D) Vatican City

3. A lion is most closely related to which of the following animals?

Ans: (D) Leopard

4. This sport evolved from exercises used by which ancient culture?

Ans: (B) Greece

5. Which is this wonder of the world located in Egypt?

Ans: (B) The pyramid of Giza

1st January 2023

1. What is the hardest natural substance in the world?

Ans: (B) Diamond

2. What is the group of stars called that form an imaginary picture?

Ans: (B) Constellation

3. Who invented the telephone?

Ans: (C) Alexander Graham Bell

4. When did India observe its first Earth Hour?

Ans: (C) 2009

5. What star sign are you have if you were born in early February?

Ans: (B) Aquarius

How To Play Amazon Quiz Today

If you play the amazon quiz follow these steps completely –

Step 1: Download Amazon App from the Google Play Store or Apple Store.

Step 2: Sign up for the app and Lon in.

Step 3: Then go to the section of the search bottom.

Step 4: Search the “Fun Zone”.

Step 5: Click the “FunZone” section and Here all quiz is available.

Terms And Conditions of Amazon Quiz Today

1. The Contest will start from 12:00 A.M. to 11:59 P.M. (IST).

2. You should be a legal resident of the Republic of India.

3. You should be of age 18 years or above.

4. You should have valid proof of identity like a copy of a PAN Card / Driving License / Voter ID / Indian passport.


Amazon Quiz Answers Today increases your General Knowledge and it helps you a lot. This type of general knowledge is very important for your exam or quiz. This quiz is available only on a mobile device. If you really help with this post share it with your friends.



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Are you a fan of the online amazon quizzes? Now you can find the results for the latest Amazon Quiz Answers today with ease.

Today’s Amazon Quiz was hosted on 04.01.2023. As with all amazon quizzes, there were 5 questions that had to be answered correctly with the fastest response time winning the prize contest.

The questions for Amazon Quiz today were:

Question 1: Hijab is a traditional head covering worn by some Muslim women. What does the word “Hijab” literally mean?

Answer: Veil

Question 2: World Braille Day is observed annually on which date to celebrate the birth of Louis Braille – the inventor of Braille?

Answer: January 4th

Question 3: Bananas, apples and pears are all members of which family of flowering plants?

Answer: Rosaceae

Question 4: Members of which football club have won the most Premier League titles?

Answer: Manchester United

Question 5: What is the title of the 2018 science fiction film starring Sandra Bullock, about astronauts trying to escape a destructive sand storm?

Answer: “Gravity”

The Amazon Quiz today was won by a lucky entrant, who correctly answered all five questions in the fastest time. Congratulations to the winner!

Be sure to stay posted for the next Amazon Quiz with more exciting questions and prizes up for grabs, remember to check this space for more information.