Bhagyalaxmi Result Today 22.09.2022 Live Now

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Play Bhagyalaxmi Result Today

The Bhagyalaxmi Lottery is a very popular game. This post is very important for those searching for the result of the Bhagyalaxmi Lottery. In this post, you can see all the results of the Bhagyalaxmi Lottery.

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Bhagyalaxmi Result Today (22.09.2022)

21.09.202209:00 AMXA96XB58XC73XD31XE76XF96XG08XH99XI99XJ96
21.09.202209:15 AM
21.09.202209:30 AM
21.09.202209:45 AM
21.09.202210:00 AM
21.09.202210:15 AM
21.09.202210:30 AM
21.09.202210:45 AM
21.09.202211:00 AM
21.09.202211:15 AM
21.09.202211:30 AM
21.09.202211:45 AM
21.09.202212:00 PM
21.09.202212:15 PM
21.09.202212:30 PM
21.09.202212:45 PM
21.09.202201:00 PM
21.09.202201:15 PM
21.09.202201:30 PM
21.09.202201:45 PM
21.09.202202:00 PM
21.09.202202:15 PM
21.09.202202:30 PM
21.09.202202:45 PM
21.09.202203:00 PM
21.09.202203:15 PM
21.09.202203:30 PM
21.09.202203:45 PM
21.09.202204:00 PM
21.09.202204:15 PM
21.09.202204:30 PM
21.09.202204:45 PM
21.09.202205:00 PM
21.09.202205:15 PM
21.09.202205:30 PM
21.09.202205:45 PM
21.09.202206:00 PM
21.09.202206:15 PM
21.09.202206:30 PM
21.09.202206:45 PM
21.09.202207:00 PM
21.09.202207:15 PM
21.09.202207:30 PM
21.09.202207:45 PM
21.09.202208:00 PM
21.09.202208:15 PM
21.09.202208:30 PM
21.09.202208:45 PM
21.09.202209:00 PM

Play Bhagyalaxmi Lottery Overview

Lottery NameBhagyalaxmi Lottery
Lottery Date22nd September 2022
Result Time9 AM – 9 PM
Price DetailsRs. 100 – 1000
Lottery StatusPublished
Article CategoryResult

Bhagyalaxmi Result

Play Bhagyalaxmi Lottery Levels

Bhagyalaxmi Lottery has a total of five levels and all levels are given below –

  1. Pukhraj: Spend Money – Rs. 100, and get – Rs. 10,00,000.
  2. Silver: Spend Money – Rs. 250, and get – Rs. 25,00,000.
  3. Platinum: Spend Money – Rs. 750, and get – Rs. 75,00,000.
  4. Gold: Spend Money – Rs. 500, and get – Rs. 50,00,000.
  5. Diamond: Spend Money – Rs. 1000, and get – Rs. 100,00,000.

Lottery Disclaimer: On this website, you can see the online-based results. All the results of the Bhagyalaxmi Lottery are taken from the official website of Bhagyalaxmi Lottery i. e. We are not associated or affiliated with any illegal Lottery, Gambling, or Satta Matka business. site is in no way responsible for any problem with the results of the Lottery.

How to Check Bhagyalaxmi Lottery Result Today

If you want to check Bhagyalaxmi Lottery then follow all the steps below –

Step 1: At first, you go to the official website of the Bhagyalaxmi Lottery i. e.

Step 2: Then you go to the navigation menu bar and select the date of the Bhagyalaxmi Lottery.

Step 3: Then you see all results are available.

Step 4: Download or screenshot this result.

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