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Rajdhani is the most popular Satta Matka game which is played by many people. This game is played all over India. This post is very important for those searching for the result of the Rajdhani Chart, In this post, you can see all the results of the Rajdhani Chart.


Rajdhani Chart Overview

Chart Name Rajdhani
Result Date 30th April 2023
Rajdhani Night 09:25 PM – 11:35 PM
Rajdhani 12:30 PM – 02:30 PM
Article Category Result
Data Collect From dpboss.net
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Rajdhani Panel Chart

The Rajdhani Panel chart is part of the Rajdhani chart and its results are published daily. All Rajdhani Panel Charts are discussed below –

Rajdhani Night Jodi Chart

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
09 60 81 52 76
52 93 47 80 86
59 01 59 54 42
47 23 46 62 62
31 36 24 89 10
** 81 31 79 07

Rajdhani Chart Guessing Number Daily

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When mentioning Matka, it is impossible to avoid talking about Rajdhani Night Chart and Rajdhani Panel Chart. Rajdhani Night Chart and Rajdhani Panel Chart are two of the most popular components of Matka, a game of luck and chance that originated in the country of India.

Rajdhani Night Chart is the main game of the Matka, wherein players guess the correct numbers and picks one number from each of the two main boards, the main board and Jodi board. Players are also allowed to select one number from the third board, the Jogi Board. Once this is done, these three numbers are combined to form a complete set. The player who guesses the correct numbers wins the game.

Meanwhile, Rajdhani Panel Chart provides the players with useful information such as the number of times a particular number has shown up, the start and end time of the game, the time of play and other such data. The purpose of Rajdhani Panel Chart is to help the players have a better understanding of the game so that they can increase their chances of winning.

Matka is a recently developed game that has gained immense popularity in the country. It is also popular throughout the world, being played in countries like the US, UK, Canada and Australia. The game itself is quite simple, with the players having to guess only three numbers to win the game. Moreover, each game is relatively short, with the sessions typically lasting no more than fifteen minutes.

In conclusion, the popularity of Matka is on the rise, with people from all around the world getting involved in it. Rajdhani Night Chart and Rajdhani Panel Chart are some of the most popular components of the game, with the former being the main game and the latter being a tool to help the players have a better understanding of the game.