Increased access to technology makes it easier for students to learn from anywhere. However, technology can also be a distraction for learners.

To manage distractions, students can use productivity apps to sharpen their focus. Software such as a PDF editor for students or time management apps makes it easier to track and complete class activities.

There’s always something for all types of learners. Ebook lovers should own PDF-viewing apps, while visual learners may opt for audio-visual tools.

You can find the best PDF editor for students and other organizational apps listed in this article. Feel free to choose what suits your needs.


LuminPDF is a reliable app to save your notes and back up all documents to the cloud. When you take notes with LuminPDF, all activity syncs automatically to your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

You’ll always have your notes handy, no matter your device. And yes, the interface is also pretty easy to navigate.

Students who enjoy writing in class can use LuminPDF to create virtual notebooks and store them in an orderly manner. This intuitive tool also allows teachers to edit pdfs and provide helpful feedback.

Additionally, LuminPDF allows you to collaborate on a group project easily. This PDF editor for teachers and students works well with third-party apps like Google Drive, OneDrive, and iCloud.


Todoist is your digital version of a to-do list that lets you organize your daily tasks for easy reference.

You can set up alerts and reminders about schoolwork to keep you in check as you go through a busy routine. The design is simple enough for first-time users to understand and navigate.

In addition to scheduling, you can save documents on Todoist. Like every good PDF tool for students, you can also share your notes with classmates.

Google Keep

Google Keep is an excellent cataloging tool that lets you store notes on the cloud. As with a PDF annotator, students can add color to differentiate their notes on all courses.

Since Google Keep is linked to your Google account, you can import files from Drive or any other cloud storage. In addition to storing ideas and class notes, you can also use this tool to set reminders for pending tasks.

Another thing that makes this tool unique is how it records voice and pictures. When it comes to great syncing ability on several devices, you can trust Google Keep.


As a college student, Trello offers an all-in-one solution for taking notes and scheduling tasks. This software is available for mobile and desktop versions, so you can use it across all devices.

Suppose you run a campus news blog as a student; you can use Trello to organize weekly content to post on the website. You can also use color codes within the app to keep your notes attractive.

Trello also serves as a calendar app for student use. You can store important dates like birthdays, class tests, assignment deadlines, and field trips.


Forest is an educational app that helps you limit your phone usage and narrow down your focus. It encourages long-term productivity by allowing you ‘plant a seed in the forest’.

No, for real. After thirty minutes of staying away from your phone, your seed will grow into a large tree (provided you don’t leave the app).

If you exit the app within that 30 minutes, your tree will wither and die. Using Forest is quite helpful when you want to dedicate time to reading or solving class assignments.

Ultimately, depending on your work, you’ll have a forest full of trees (or withered plants). The Forest app encourages users struggling with a short attention span to stay focused for more extended periods.

Microsoft OneNote

This is Microsoft’s note-taking app to enable collaboration among teachers and students. It accelerates the spread of vital information in class, and you can store your teacher’s notes in all forms.

With OneNote, you can scribble by hand or use voice recordings. You can also add diagrams, video recordings, and web clippings to give more context to your notes. Since it’s a writing app by Microsoft, OneNote works seamlessly with Microsoft Word.

OneNote is another good PDF tool for students, which makes it possible to share virtual notes with other students. Several students can work on the same notebook simultaneously, and everything will still appear organized.


Notion is another fancy note-taking tool specially created for students. Its shiny templates and personalization features make it popular for school work.

Notion is also one of the best apps for project management. It allows you to create pages and subpages that organizes all your content. You can also store tables, checklists, calendars, and other valuable notes in these blocks.

Like other organizational apps, Notion allows you to quickly jot down ideas, schedule vital tasks, and create reminders in one place. However, it may take a while to fully get used to this tool if you’re not tech-savvy.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is a trusted favorite for students who want to be on time for classes, assignments, and project deadlines. You can also use it to schedule class meetings, group project discussions, and tests.

With Google Calendar, you can break down your busy schedule and create time for essential activities. You can use this app to set reminders so you don’t miss class quizzes or important events.

For a seamless experience, you can integrate Google Calendar with meeting apps like Zoom, Skype, or Google Meet.


For many students, music enhances concentration when it’s time to study. Gratefully, Spotify has dedicated study playlists featuring more instrumentals to keep you in the groove while learning on your own.

Spotify also offers educational content across science, history, and business disciplines. This wide range of topics keeps you learning as you do chores or take the bus.

With Spotify, study groups can work and learn together. It enhances collaborative learning by allowing multiple users to create and edit playlists to share podcasts or music.


Headspace is a meditation and mindfulness app that helps you relieve stress and improve your mental well-being.

If you’ve got a lot on your mind and need to de-stress, Headspace has loads of meditation and mindfulness exercises for you to practice.

Headspace also has podcasts, videos, and exercise tutorials to help you meditate. You can test the tool with a free trial; however, you must subscribe to continue using it.


Productivity apps help you manage your time better and improve your concentration levels. So whether you’re studying from home or on campus, you can achieve much within stipulated periods using focus apps.

Note-taking apps also impact your academic performance. You can quickly grasp concepts by writing them down in your own words. You can find a free PDF tool online to try out. LuminPDF offers student-friendly features for PDF editing too.